Science Grading Information


Science tests and scores will be shared to the students’ BHASD Google Drives so students can view the results of their tests on any computer by logging into their BHASD Google Account.  All students will be shown how to access this information in school.  Please ask your child to share their test results with you.  Tests are usually corrected within two days after students take the test in school.  Grades can also be viewed on the Home Access Center.



The only science homework that will be assigned this year is to complete sections of each unit study guide.  I try to allow time during science class for students to work on their study guides.  I also encourage students to work ahead on them.  Each quarter, there is a 10-point homework completion grade.  Although the homework grade is a small portion of the quarter grade, it is important that students complete their homework.  One point is deducted from the 10 points each time a homework assignment is not completed.  I only check for completion of the assignment, and students may not leave answers blank to get credit for completing the assignment.  If a student has trouble finding an answer, they should fill in the blank with their best logical choice from content that we are currently learning.  All answers on the study guide will be gone over in school, and students should correct their answers so that they have the right information to study for the tests.   Students who complete all of their homework assignments for the quarter will receive a 10/10=100% for their homework grade during that marking period.



There will also be several hands-on experiments/activities that students will complete in school.  The majority of these activities will be worked on together in small groups of students; however, each student is responsible for completing their own activity paper since these tasks will also be graded.  Please review your child’s score on these activities.