web-pic-300x224Contact Information  The easiest way to contact me throughout the day is by email.  You may also call the school office.  If you need to call, please leave a message indicating where you may be reached and the reason for your call.  This helps me bring the materials I need to help answer your questions when I return your call.

Email: tredel@bhasd.org 

Phone: (610) 682-5156.

We will be including time for a morning snack that children can eat while working. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for students to have “brain food” to increase energy levels.  Please send a snack in with your child daily because we have a very late lunch this year. Some suggestions for a neat, nutritious snack are: raisins, carrots, celery, packaged fruit snacks, pretzels, crackers, granola bars, etc.  However, snacks containing NUTS will NOT be permitted in the classroom this year.  Please also try to avoid chips, cookies, candy, and other snacks of that sort (nothing greasy, sticky, too sugary, or messy). Students are also welcome to keep a water bottle on their desk.  However, please make sure it does not need a cap removed in order to drink (to avoid spills). Snacks and water bottles may not be left in the classroom overnight.